Project Connect is an art collective which came together after a year-long arts exchange between Malaysia and the United Kingdom. After a few teh-O's they decided that it would be a good idea to stick around longer and try to do stuff together. After all they managed to still be amicable friends even after travelling across the world together and facing each other almost everyday. Being trapped next to one another on a 14 hour long flight with no elbow/leg space can be deemed as the ultimate test. They passed.

The group comprise young people from various artistic backgrounds such as the visual arts, videography, theatre and poetry. They perform together, create and collaborate, run workshops, organise performances and hang out. They mostly hang out.

Our mission is to

1. Create art that is honest, accessible and progressive
2. To use art as a tool to create sustainable community work

The collective desires to create and explore new art forms and to continue to learn, absorb and share, and hope to embark on several projects close to their hearts. Watch out for updates on the blog for new and on-going projects.

They are not funded or for profit. All expenses are covered through fundraising, their own pockets, in kind and through the kindness and support of people like you.